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 TerpSummit 2023: The Coopetition Edition Replays

Missed out on this indispensable part of the interpreting calendar?

Never fear! You can watch the recordings of all the fantastic presentations on demand (access until 17th January 2024).

30+ experts will teach you strategies to clarify your strengths, improve or refresh vital skills, market yourself ethically, and stay in good physical and mental shape, no matter whether you're a beginner or a seasoned interpreter.

day 3 - prize draw

Maybe you're...

Anxious about the current market situation and unsure how to find new clients or negotiate fees assertively

 Keen to learn more about different types of interpreting work and ways to refresh or expand your skillset

 Unsure how you can have a visible presence on social media and stand out in a crowded market marked by new modes of working

Whatever you're feeling, it's time to get a confidence boost with the TerpSummit 2023 replays!


Meet Your Host

Hi! I'm Sophie Llewellyn Smith (aka The Interpreting Coach), a conference interpreter and trainer with a passion for helping fellow interpreters create good habits and continue developing their skills with clarity and purpose. With 20 years' experience as an interpreter trainer and a background in personal fitness coaching and complementary therapies, I have a holistic approach to skills development.

I've created this summit to help you examine your interpreting business in the round, from how you look after your main asset (you!) to how you present yourself to the outside world, with a view to becoming more confident, skilled, and marketable.

The Speakers

Now for the part you've been waiting for! Here are the amazing speakers we heard from at TerpSummit 2023: The Coopetition Edition.

Aimee Benavides
Tales of Tech Collaboration, Configurations, and Consultation

Gabriela Bocanete
Hearing Health: Back from the Future

Naomi Bowman
Panel on Ethics and RSI

Bahar Çotur
We still need booth manners and teamwork!

Zilin Cui
Panel on Coopetition

Niamh Dee
3 Steps To A Winning Mindset For A 6-Figure Business in 2023

Jonathan Downie
Church Interpreting
Panel on RSI & Ethics

Maha El-Metwally
Preparation in the 21st Century

Cyril Flerov
How Bricks Can Save Your Ears: Hearing Protection in the Age of RSI

Haris Ghinos
ISO 23155:2022: Delimiting conference interpreting in the hybrid and online multilingual meetings industry

Andy Gillies
How to improve your retour language;
Panel on RSI & Ethics

Josh Goldsmith
Tech-savvy branding

Maisie Greenwood
Smart Diversification: having your cake and slicing it wisely; Coopetition Panel

Sian Gu
10 Things I Hate about Marketing

Chris Guichot de Fortis
Interpreting in a sub-optimal state; CPD

Alexandra Hemingway
Co-opetition: working with others while still standing out

Rose Henry
Breath Trust & Change

Michelle Hof

Michelle Hof
Stronger together

Laura Holcomb One Stop Shop: Expanding what we offer to direct clients

Susie Jackson
Managing your money while staying sane

Florie Lefebvre
Interprète de l'écrit : un nouveau métier qui recrute

Louise Jarvis
Panel on Ethics and RSI

Judy Jenner
Panel on Coopetition

Tatiana Kaplun
Diplomatic Interpreting: Taking the Leap from Theory to Practice

Ruth Kearns Wollmann headshot

Ruth Kearns
Showing up at your best

Frieder Kuehne
Tinnitus - a not so silent epidemic

Elena Langdon
Language Access and Protection in Healthcare Interpreting

Sue Leschen
Comparing and contrasting court interpreting across the pond!

Sophie Llewellyn Smith headshot

Sophie Llewellyn Smith
Feeling rusty? How to revive dormant skills

Rachel Luxon Robinson
Breath, Movement, Spirals and the Voice


Darinka Mangino
Preparation in the 21st century

Corinne McKay
Diversifying your interpreting business: the benefits of offering both translation and interpreting services

Lauren Michaels
co>lab: peer practice - an intensive week of work and fun!

Dora Murgu
Panel on Ethics and RSI

Ernest Nino-Murcia headshot

Ernest Niño Murcia
Comparing and contrasting court interpreting across the pond!

Nina Okagbue
Panel on Coopetition

Matthew Perret
Trust Is A Must

Julia Poger headshot

Julia Poger
Showing up at your best on social media

Alvaro Ramirez
The Interpreter’s Voice VS. Cognitive Overload

Susana Rodriguez

Bettina Roehricht
Overcoming impostor syndrome; A hosted discussion about struggles & imperfections

Jesse Tomlinson
Fee Structure Strategies

Zhao Wei
Friendly to the present moment: experience and re-experience mindfulness

Anne-Laure Gouby
Interprète de l'écrit : un nouveau métier qui recrute

Muriel Boivin
Interprète de l'écrit : un nouveau métier qui recrute

Are you ready to absorb all the knowledge shared by 30+ experts at TerpSummit 2023: The Coopetition Edition?

This summit is unique in focusing on interpreters as individuals and business owners. It's a chance to get a comprehensive toolkit for self-care, marketing and professionalisation.

Join us and reap the benefits on your ability to co-opete (is that a word? 🤣)!