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TerpSummit 2022: Confidence Camp Replays

Missed out on what some interpreters called 'the training event of the year'? ūüėä Perhaps you were working or attending the AIIC General Assembly.

Never fear! You can watch the recordings of all the fantastic presentations on demand (access until 13th January 2023).

Perfect key skills and nail your marketing strategy

with recordings from the 3 day summit devoted to mindset & confidence; marketing and finding clients; and core interpreting skills. Sprinkled with sessions to help you discover new tools and RSI platforms.

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Maybe you're...

Anxious about the current market situation and unsure how to find new clients or negotiate fees assertively

 Concerned that some of your interpreting skills (consecutive?) are rusty or need 'resurrecting' because of the pandemic

 Unsure how you can have a visible presence and stand out in a crowded market marked by new modes of working

Whatever you're feeling (and honestly, I'm feeling all of these!) it's time to get a confidence boost with the TerpSummit 2022 replays!


Meet Your Host

Hi! I'm Sophie Llewellyn Smith (aka The Interpreting Coach), a conference interpreter and trainer with a passion for helping fellow interpreters create good habits and continue developing their skills with clarity and purpose. With 20 years' experience as an interpreter trainer and a background in personal fitness coaching and complementary therapies, I have a holistic approach to skills development.

I've created this summit to help you examine your interpreting business in the round, from how you look after your main asset (you!) to how you present yourself to the outside world, with a view to becoming more confident, skilled, and marketable.

The Speakers

Now for the part you've been waiting for! Here are the amazing speakers we heard from at TerpSummit 2022: Confidence Camp.

Andrea Alvisi
Starting out as an interpreter: a panel discussion

Gabriela Bocanete headshot

Gabriela Bocanete
The Confident Brain

Helen Campbell headshot

Helen Campbell
Consecutive Refreshers for Professional Interpreters

Serge Dalli

Serge Dalli
Starting out as an interpreter: a panel discussion

Kate Davies

Kate Davies
Sim with text: Tumble, tussle, or tame? Making Friends, not Foes.

Pavel Elin

Pavel Elin
Time to write: email marketing for interpreters

Judith Farwick headshot

Judith Farwick
Speed up your notes! Visual Concepts and Practical Tips for Notetaking

Francesca Frittella

Francesca Maria Frittella
Introduction to the AI-powered CAI tool SmarTerp

Rony Gao headshot

Rony Gao
Starting out as an interpreter: a panel discussion

Toon Gevaert square

Toon Gevaert
How to tackle sim with text on QuaQua


Andy Gillies headshot

Andy Gillies
Meeting Preparation with the Liquid Text Software (Demo and commentary)

Josh Goldsmith
How to use a tablet for consecutive note-taking

Caroline Goyder headshot

Caroline Goyder
In Conversation - a Q&A for Interpreters

Maisie Greenwood headshot

Maisie Greenwood
Starting out as an interpreter: a panel discussion

Ailsa Gudgeon square headshot

Ailsa Gudgeon
Build confidence in your voice

Chris Guichot de Fortis
Growth Mindset for Interpreters
Starting out in interpreting
Sim with text in 'degraded mode'

Michelle Hof

Michelle Hof
Thoughts on teaching consecutive note-taking online

Laura Holcomb

Laura Holcomb
Healthcare Note-Taking: Try Your Hand at Patient-Provider Encounters

Judy Jenner
Networking for Interpreters

Maria Karakostanoglou
MOVE! to interpret more confidently

Katty Kauffman headshot

Katty Kauffman
Powering your performance through AI: transcription tools for the booth

Ruth Kearns Wollmann headshot

Ruth Kearns Wollmann
Developing emotional agility: a workshop

Sue Leschen headshot

Sue Leschen
Let's work together to develop terms and conditions for Remote Interpreting

Leo Hailong Liiu

Leo Hailong Liu
AIIC VEGA Network and AIIC VEGA Mentoring Scheme


Violette Liu

Panel discussion: starting out in interpreting

Sophie Llewellyn Smith headshot

Sophie Llewellyn Smith
Symbols for consecutive note-taking

Lauren Michaels headshot

Lauren Michaels
Starting out in interpreting: a panel discussion

Dora Murgu

Dora Murgu
Behind the RSI scenes

Ernest Nino-Murcia headshot

Ernest Ni√Īo-Murcia
Note-Taking for Court Interpreting

Rowland Palairet

Rowland Palairet
Mark-up Madness: Romance vs Slavic

Matthew Perret headshot

Matthew Perret
Matthew Perret's Special Delivery

Julia Poger headshot

Julia Poger
Branding yourself on social media

Carmen Prieto Lopez headshot

Carmen Prieto Lopez
AIIC VEGA Network and AIIC VEGA Mentoring Scheme

Carlos Pulido de la Vega

Carlos Pulido de la Vega
AIIC VEGA Network and AIIC VEGA Mentoring Scheme


Violette Liu

Panel discussion: starting out in interpreting

Susana Rodriguez

Susana Rodriguez
Introduction to the AI-powered CAI tool SmarTerp

Bettina Roehricht headshot

Bettina Roehricht
Overcoming self-doubt: how to silence your inner critic

Madalena Zampaulo headshot

Madalena Sanchez Zampaulo
Help Your Local Clients Find You: Online Marketing Tools for Interpreters

Bernard Song headshot

Bernard Song
The Metaverse and its Impact on the Future of Interpreting

Sarah Tiemann headshot

Sarah Tiemann
Impostor syndrome

Jesse Tomlinson headshot

Jesse Tomlinson
Working with direct clients

Maristella Vergara

Maristella Vergara Bacci di Capaci
AIIC VEGA Network and AIIC VEGA Mentoring Scheme

David Violet headshot

David Violet
Note-Taking for Consecutive Interpreting

Sena Vlajkovic

Sena Vlajkovic
Behind the RSI Scenes

Martina Vojnovic

Martina Vojnovic
Behind the RSI Scenes

Sabine Bourgeois

Sabine Bourgeois
Embrace digitisation without losing sight of some absolute fundamentals of our profession, with cAPPisco

Giuditta Formichi

Giuditta Formichi
AIIC VEGA Network and AIIC VEGA Mentoring Scheme

Giulio Monaco

Giulio Monaco
New business opportunities for freelance interpreters

Naomi Bowman
An informal discussion about bad sound and self-care


José-Luis Villanueva
Behind the RSI scenes


Marco Gaido

Marco Gaido
SmarTerp: bringing machines and humans together for a smarter interpreting

Marco TurchiMarco Turchi
SmarTerp: Bringing machines and humans together for a smarter interpreting

As you can see from this incredible lineup, this was an event packed with valuable insights and actionable tips!

Are you ready to absorb all the knowledge shared by 40+ experts in the recordings of TerpSummit 2022?


This summit is unique in focusing on interpreters as individuals and business owners. It's a chance to get a comprehensive toolkit for self-care, marketing and professionalisation.

Watch the replays and reap the benefits on your confidence!