Meet Your Host


I'm Sophie Llewellyn Smith, a freelance conference interpreter (EL, DE, F<>EN), member of AIIC, interpreter trainer and 1-1 coach.

Most of my interpreting work is for the EU institutions, and I spend the rest of my time coaching colleagues and running a membership site for English retourists (Rock your Retour). I also offer webinars and ecourses.

I'm the creator of Speechpool, a site hosting practice materials for interpreting students, and I blog on my Interpreting Coach site.

I woke up one morning in 2020 with the crazy idea of creating a summit for interpreters, and I'm really excited about this third edition! I hope you enjoy the results.

Meet Sophie's Assistant

Roxane Hugues headshotRoxane will be assisting throughout the summit. She will be present at many of the presentations, giving technical assistance and fielding questions in the chat box. To find her on Hopin, click on 'People' then search for her name. Click on her name to open a private chat thread.

Roxane is a professional interpreter and translator, whose main areas of specialisation are oenology, foreign affairs and the tourist industry.

Meet Your Speakers


Aimee Benavides
Tales of Tech Collaboration, Configurations, and Consultation

Federally certified interpreter located in Fresno, California (USA). Like many consultant interpreters had to adapt to remote platforms and help guide clients in their decision making regarding interpreted events. The biggest silver lining of the pandemic has been the collaboration with colleagues including partnering with String & Can Multilingual as well as TEA Language Solutions.

Gabriela headshot

Gabriela Bocanete
Hearing Health: Back from the Future

Gabriela uses a multi-disciplinary approach in her coaching for health & wellbeing. Her programmes help you address the root causes of current complaints, give you tools for better self-regulation and train your nervous system back to your healthiest self. Her sound therapy, combined with the other layers in her 'holistic cake' is highly beneficial for people with tinnitus and other hearing health symptoms.

Muriel_photo nouvelle

Muriel Boivin
Interprète de l'écrit : un nouveau métier qui recrute

Je suis interprète de l’écrit, c’est mon métier depuis 12 ans. Cependant, j’ai une formation de technicienne en commerce internationale ; pendant 15 ans j’ai travaillé dans le service Achats et Approvisionnement d’une grande entreprise industrielle. Suite à la crise des subprimes en 2008, j’ai souhaité me réorienter professionnellement ; j’ai repris mes études pour obtenir une licence en Science du Langage, et j’ai suivi une formation à la Langue des Signes Français qui m’a finalement conduite au sous-titrage en temps réel. Après 3 années de formation en autodidacte et d’exercice de mon nouveau métier en free-lance, il y a 9 ans, j’ai été recrutée par Le Messageur qui était une toute jeune entreprise à l’époque.

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Naomi Bowman
Panel on Ethics & RSI

CEO of DS-Interpretation, Inc., a global conference interpreting services company focused on new technology and standards. Official technical expert to ISO representing the USA through ANSI for translation, interpreting, and related technology. Project editor for ISO 24019:2022 Simultaneous Interpreting Delivery Platforms, and ISO AWI 17651-3 Interpreting Hubs. Co-Author: The Interpreter's Guide to Audio and Video (2021). Naomi has an M.A. in International Relations, has lived in 5 countries and currently lives in Belgium.


Bahar Cotur_pic_square_2022

Bahar Çotur
Times Have Changed but Booth Manners and Teamwork Have Not

M.A.S. in Interpreter Training, ETI, University of Geneva, 2007; B.A. in Translation and Interpreting Studies, Boğaziçi University, 1999; EU-accredited with Turkish-A, English-B, German-C; member of AIIC and the local association TKTD; president of TKTD 2015-2021; AIIC Vega Network member for Turkey; interpreter trainer at Boğaziçi University, Istanbul; founding partner of interpreting agency Integris; AIIC Consultant Interpreter.
Mother of two healthy girls (and a female cat); caravan enthusiast; early bird; aspiring cook.



Zilin Cui
Panel on Coopetition

Zilin is a freelance conference interpreter (Chinese-A, English-B, Spanish-B) based in Beijing, China. She graduated with a Master's Degree in Conference Interpretation from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies, and has lived in the US, Chile, India, Spain and China. She loves languages, cats, and chocolate, in no particular order.


Screen Shot 2022-12-06 at 1.50.26 PM

Niamh Dee
3 Steps To A Winning Mindset For A 6-Figure Business in 2023

Niamh is an online Business And Mindset Coach who helps free-spirited coaches and consultants get to 6-figures+ fast using a simple yet powerful flow strategy.

She is passionate about health and fitness and believes that striving to have optimal energy and focus allows for the best possible business and life experience.



Jonathan Downie
Panel on Ethics & RSI; Church Interpreting

Jonathan is a consultant church and conference interpreter and researcher on church interpreting. He speaks regularly at conference and co-hosts The Church Interpreting Podcast with Lauryn Albizu. He has written two books: Being a Successful Interpreter: Adding value and delivering excellence (Routledge, 2016) and Interpreters vs Machines: Can interpreters survive in an AI-dominated world (Routledge, 2019).

Maha July20

Maha El-Metwally
Preparation in the 21st Century

Maha El-Metwally is a conference interpreter in the Arabic booth. She works for a wide range of international organizations, including the European Institutions and the United Nations. She is a member of the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC), the American Translators Association (ATA), the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIoL), and she is also a Fellow of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI) in the UK.

Maha has an MA in interpreter training from the University of Geneva. She is associated with a number of universities both in the UK and abroad where she contributes to the curriculum. She is passionate about technology in the field of interpreting and offers courses on the subject internationally both in person and remotely.

square Flerov headshot

Cyril Flerov
How Bricks Can Save Your Ears: Hearing Protection in the Age of RSI

Cyril Flerov is a professionally trained USA based Russian conference interpreter (Russian A, English B). He has over 25 years of experience and worked freelance at events organized by major US and international clients. A member of the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC) and Executive Secretary of The American Association of Language Specialists (TAALS), he has extensive experience teaching conference interpretation both in Russia and in the United States, including at MIIS – Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Monterey, California. His speaking engagements and seminars about interpretation include AIIC, TAALS, ATA, CHICATA, NCTA, CFI, STIBC, NASA, and others.

London Corporate Photography

Haris Ghinos
ISO 23155:2022: Delimiting conference interpreting in the hybrid and online multilingual meetings industry

Vice President of the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC); Project Leader for ISO 23155:2022 on Conference interpreting services; CEO of ELIT Language Services and the Athens Interpreting Hub (AIHub).
Former staff interpreter at European Commission (SCIC). Worked in the environmental sector as well as with advertising agencies and PCOs. Holds degrees in Physics, War Studies, International Politics and Finance.

Andy headshot Paris by Lou 2022 1 copy

Andy Gillies
How to improve your retour language

Andy Gillies is a conference interpreter and interpreter trainer based in Paris. He works from French, German and Polish into English at the European Parliament, the European Patent Office, the European Space Agency amongst other places.
Andy teaches at ISIT in Paris and at Glendon MCI in Toronto as well training for international institutions and interpreter associations. He’s written extensively on interpreter training and has published other occasional musings about the profession for industry outlets.

Josh Goldsmith headshot

Josh Goldsmith
Tech-savvy branding for Interpreters and Translators

Josh is a UN and EU accredited translator and interpreter working from Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and Catalan into English. He splits his time between interpreting, translating, and working as a trainer and researcher focusing on the intersection between interpreting, technology and education.

As Geek-in-Chief of techforword, Josh shares tips about technology, translation and interpreting in conferences and workshops, the Innovation in Translation and Innovation in Interpreting Summits, and in techforword insiders, the premiere online community for tech-savvy language professionals.

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Anne-Laure Gouby
Interprète de l'écrit : un nouveau métier qui recrute

Je suis interprète de l'écrit depuis déjà 10 ans et je suis salariée au Messageur depuis septembre dernier.


Maisie Greenwood
Smart Diversification: having your cake and slicing it wisely

Panel discussion on Coopetition

Maisie Greenwood is an experienced freelance conference interpreter working from French, Spanish and Arabic into English. As an AIIC member and UN & EU-accredited interpreter with several years of experience on the Geneva institutional market, she has now been domiciled in London since 2021. Through her company Greenwood Conference Interpreting Ltd, Maisie works as a consultant-interpreter, putting together teams of interpreters for international conferences.

Through her 11-year freelance career, Maisie has also worked in interpreter training, translation, report-writing, public speaking, and multilingual television production. Alongside this, she is a part-time professional musician, playing folk fiddle at concerts, ceilidhs and sessions.

IMG_1326 Cropped

Xian Gu
10 Things I Hate about Marketing

Sian is a Canadian interpreting professional (EN-FR-ZH), member of AIIC, and coach. She is a business major with a Master’s of Conference Interpreting (MCI) degree from Glendon, where she is currently course director.

Sian loves taking ownership of her unique career portfolio, splitting her time between interpreting, teaching, learning, and organizing. She believes you can find success by being your authentic self. Sian is also an avid dancer, writer and cat mom.

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Chris Guichot de Fortis
"Getting interpreting done!" - how to keep on serving our clients when the going gets tough

"Never stop learning, never stop growing!" - why and how we interpreters love our CPD...

Chris Guichot de Fortis, (A-EN, B-FR, C-ES) M.A. (Cantab); PDLS; BACI; M.A. Conf Int (University of Bath); AIIC, graduate of St. John’s College, Cambridge, served 10 years in the British police.

He was a NATO staff interpreter, then Senior Interpreter, between 1988 and 2021. For ten years he ran the NATO recruitment tests and practice programme for students of interpretation.

Chris now works as a freelance interpreter, and individually coaches an evolving group of several dozen younger colleagues who seek to ramp up and perfect their skills.

Has organised volunteer interpreting teams for several NGOs.  He has been a visiting professor and external examiner at ISTI and ILMH in Brussels, and has also taught and examined at ISIT Paris, ITIRI Strasbourg, EII Mons, KUL Brussels, the Universities of Bath, Manchester and Angers. Chris was an assessor at the Geneva International Model UN from 2014 to 2019, and chairs the Belgian AIIC Network of Trainers (BANT).


Alexandra Hemingway
Co-opetition: working with others while still standing out

With over twenty years of experience supporting people in exploring, choosing and securing rewarding work and life opportunities, I enjoy looking at what makes our professional lives better. It’s all too easy to get stuck in a rut with our thinking, but there are always other ways to get what you need and want!

Rose Henry

Rose Henry
Breath Trust & Change

Rose Henry wants you to know that there is no secret. The secret is you! Then why do so many people spend their lives running away from their own power and energy, experiencing anxiety, worry, fear, guilt and self criticism?

Rose helps her clients commit to their path, learn the tools that allow them to be present and open the door to their wants without fear. Resistance is always going to hold you back. When you step into expectation with intention, goal and destination, and add that into trusting the process, you can invite in everything you want.

Rose Henry is a Mindset Coach, helping people ready to embrace their personal journey for the last 26 years. Rose has a deep passion for Mindfulness, Meditation & “I AM” Programs. Rose's clients gain confidence and a deeper understanding of their "self" and "needs"as well as learning to connect or reconnect to themselves with love and openness. Leading from the Heart Space!

Michelle Hof

Michelle Hof
Stronger together

Michelle Hof is a conference interpreter and trainer. She is active in training the next generation of interpreters on master’s programs in Toronto (Canada) and La Laguna (Spain), and has offered short courses and workshops for interpreting professionals on all five continents and online. She is also a frequent contributor to panels on interpreting technology, having spoken at industry events in Berlin, Ottawa, Geneva, Brussels and elsewhere.

As Coordinator of AIIC Training and Professional Development, Michelle promotes training for conference interpreters around the world.

Michelle speaks English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese. Originally from Canada, she now calls the beautiful island of Tenerife home.


Florie Lefebvre
Interprète de l'écrit : un nouveau métier qui recrute

I graduated in Conference Interpreting and Translation (EN, SP > FR) at ISTI, Institut Supérieur de Traducteurs et Interprètes of Brussels in 2009.
In 2010, I became voice-captioner at ST'501, a live television broadcast company where I discovered respeaking as a method to produce live captions for the deaf and hard-of-hearing. A whole new world opened up to me!
In 2018, I joined Le Messageur. As of today, I am a speech-to-text interpreter, quality manager and trainer for respeakers in France. I lead a team of 20 speech-to-text interpreters with the benefit of my 10+ year experience as a respeaker.

Laura Headshot 2022 SQUARE

Laura Holcomb
One Stop Shop: Expanding what we offer to direct clients

She has some good credentials, but folks, it’s her penchant for being organised and that she can dial in a microphone with kindness that makes her worth her salt.

Master in Conference Interpreting from York University in Toronto where she now teaches, Laura is a passionate advocate for tenderness in all things, and is all about making online interpreting environments work better. Put a bike under her and a coffee in her cup and you’ll likely get a smile out of her.

Susie Jackson headshot square

Susie Jackson
Managing your money while staying sane

Susie Jackson (she/her) is a Spanish-to-English translator and copy editor specialising in academic texts for the social sciences. She also mentors freelancers on pricing and business finances to help them figure out how much they should be charging and how to raise their rates with clients so that they can earn a decent living doing what they love. She is a regular speaker on this subject at online events and runs her own mentoring programmes for groups and individuals. Connect with Susie on Instagram (@the.organizedfreelancer) or read about her free resources to help with pricing and finances on her website.


Louise Jarvis
Panel on Ethics & RSI

Louise has worked as a conference interpreter for over 25 years, mainly for international organisations, but also on the private market. Since 2016 she has been the UK member of Calliope Interpreters, a global network of AIIC consultant interpreters. She is a firm believer in “coopetition” and to that end is an active member of AIIC, a former member of the UK and Ireland regional bureau, and a former member of the VEGA network. She is also an interpreter trainer at the University of Bath, where she enjoys helping to prepare the next generation of English-booth interpreters for a career in a profession which she still finds endlessly fascinating and fulfilling.


Judy Jenner
Panel on Coopetition

Judy Jenner is a Spanish and German conference interpreter and federally certified Spanish court interpreter in the US. She has an MBA in marketing from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, a master’s degree in conference interpreting from Glendon College at York University in Canada, and runs her boutique translation and interpreting business, Twin Translations, with her twin sister Dagmar. She was born in Austria and grew up in Mexico City. She writes the blog Translation Times and the "Entrepreneurial Linguist" column for The ATA Chronicle, serves as one of the ATA spokespersons, and teaches interpretation at New York University, the University of California-San Diego and at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She is the co-author of The Entrepreneurial Linguist: The Business-School Approach to Freelance Translation. She’s a frequent speaker at T&I conferences around the world, mostly online these days. She flies a lot for her interpreting assignments and one of her special talents is memorising airport codes.

Tatiana KAPLUN_photo 1-min (1)

Tatiana Kaplun
Diplomatic Interpreting: taking the Leap from Theory to Practice

Tatiana is a Strasbourg-based Conference, Business & Diplomatic Interpreter (Russian A, English B, French C) with more than a decade of experience in the field, a committed conference interpreter trainer, and an onsite/online meeting consultant.

An interpreting memoirs collector and avid reader with a keen interest in geopolitics and diplomacy, Tatiana is also an active member of AIIC, and VEGA Network representative for France.
Ruth Kearns Wollmann headshot

Ruth Kearns Wollmann
Showing up at your best

Ruth is a talented coach who believes in the power of human potential and leads with a strategic mind and a big heart. Graduating with an MA from Oxford and a PhD from Cambridge, she started her career as a research scientist in Cognitive Psychology and went on to spend 14 years as a consumer insights professional and business executive in P&G. She left P&G in 2012 to take a leadership and pastoral role in the Swiss church ICF during a period of significant organisational change before starting her Coaching Practice in 2017.

“My work is based on my passion for psychology and neuroscience, my experience of leading training for a large organisation in P&G and my coaching practice over the past 15 years. All my programs include teaching of evidence-based approaches, practice exercises and an opportunity to consolidate learning on the job via coaching. My signature program ""Lead from Your Core"" offers participants an opportunity to gain clarity and confidence in their leadership identity (core strengths, values and personality/style) and to practice turning this into leadership presence and impact.

My personal purpose is to empower and challenge people to take a stand for a better world wherever and whoever they are. I believe everyone has a unique potential for significance. Some people don’t believe it, others are afraid of it, most ignore it. The people who realize this AND do something about it are the ones who will leave a legacy for future generations. Imagine what’s possible when we each show up as our most empowered selves and step up for the sake of a greater cause! It takes courage, passion and determination to step back and ask yourself who you really are, what you really want, to let go of what holds you back and blaze your own trail. But it’s worth it. The most happy, fulfilled and impactful people I know have chosen to own who they are and define success on their own terms.”

Ruth lives in French-Speaking Switzerland with her husband and daughter. She is British and Swiss and works in English and French.

Frieder Kühne

Frieder Kuehne
Tinnitus: a not so silent epidemic

With one deaf ear, hearing aid, and tinnitus in the remaining one, the sense of hearing has always been challenging for Frieder. After a personal struggle with a high-pitch ringing, Frieder founded an online tinnitus coaching practice in which he uses science-based tools to help people all around the world to live their best life despite the ringing.



Elena Langdon
Language Access and Protection in Healthcare Interpreting

Elena Langdon has been a Portuguese-English interpreter and translator since 2000. Based in the US, she is certified by the American Translators Association (ATA) as a translator (Portuguese into English) and by the Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters as a core-certified healthcare interpreter. Elena has a Masters in Translation Studies and has been teaching translation and interpreting since 2005. She was chairperson of the National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters and a director of ATA, in addition to serving on the Boards of the National Council for Healthcare Interpreting and New England Translators Association. She is the Director of Training & Assessments at MasterWord Services, where she oversees internal and external learning for interpreters. Elena occasionally writes for MultiLingual Media and hopes to revive Not Quite Magic, a podcast about interpreters she started during the pandemic.


Sue Leschen headshot

Sue Leschen
Comparing and contrasting court interpreting across the pond

Lawyer linguist and legal language lover
Director of Avocate Legal and Business French Interpreting and Translation Services Ltd.

Sophie Llewellyn Smith headshot

Sophie Llewellyn Smith
Feeling rusty? How to revive dormant skills

Sophie Llewellyn Smith is a conference interpreter (EL, DE, FR<>EN), member of AIIC, interpreter trainer and coach.

Following stints as a SCIC staff member in Brussels and a freelance interpreter, she spends much of her time now on 1-1 coaching and running membership sites for English and French retourists.

She is the founder of Speechpool, a website hosting practice speeches for interpreters,, and TerpSummit.


Rachel Luxon Robinson
Breath, Movement, Spirals and the Voice

Following a successful career as an Opera Singer, Rachel has been teaching Pilates for the past five years having trained with Body Control Pilates, renowned for its excellence in teacher training. She is passionate about good functional movement and helping people to find ease, comfort, strength and flexibility within their own bodies. Rachel has practiced Pilates herself for the past 18 years and has a great belief in the connection between mental and physical wellbeing. She understands how important body awareness, control, breathing and posture is in all walks of life.


DMW_retrato 2020

Darinka Mangino
Preparation in the 21st Century

Darinka Mangino is a conference interpreter for Spanish, English, French & Portuguese based in Paris, France. She holds a Master's in Advanced Studies for Interpreting Trainers from the University of Geneva, Switzerland; a PGC in Forensic Linguistics from Aston University, United Kingdom and a university degree in Conference Interpreting from Instituto Superior de Interpretes y Traductores, Mexico City.

She is a member of the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC) and the Mexican Translator´s Association (OMT). Currently, Darinka is a member of the Committee of Admissions and Language Classification of AIIC for 2022-2025. Mangino has over 20 years of professional experience as a high-profile Conference & Diplomatic Interpreter. She provides her professional services for several international organizations, NGOs and private companies.

Darinka has taught at an undergraduate and graduate level for over a decade and coaches interpreters with future-proof skills needed for 21st-century in-person and virtual meetings.



Corinne McKay
Diversifying your interpreting business: the benefits of offering both translation and interpreting services 

Corinne McKay is a French<>English interpreter and French to English translator based in Colorado, USA. A full-time freelancer since 2002, she is ATA-certified for French to English translation, Colorado court-certified for French interpreting, and holds a Master of Conference Interpreting from Glendon College. Her book, How to Succeed as a Freelance Translator, is now in its third edition with over 15,000 copies sold, and she runs the online professional development platform Training for Translators.


cropped Lauren

Lauren Michaels
co>lab: peer practice - an intensive week of work and fun!

Lauren Michaels is a freelance conference interpreter (English A, French B). She has been working in the profession for 10 years: the first 2 as a Parliamentary Staff Interpreter in Ottawa, and the remainder as a freelancer first in Quebec City, and now in Montreal. Born and raised in London, Ontario, her Polish and Croatian heritage ignited in her a love of languages from a young age. She pursued a BA in French at Carleton University, and a few years later, a Master's in Conference Interpreting at the University of Ottawa. Lauren is a big fan of professional development and is proud to run a fun initiative with her colleague Laura Holcomb called co>lab: She lives in downtown Montreal with her Québécois husband and 2 children.



Dora Murgu
Panel on Ethics & RSI

Romanian born and Spanish bred, Dora started her career as a conference interpreter. She soon transitioned into the backstage of interpretation after being involved in the creation and management of a pioneering training program for OPI which was later taught at universities across Spain. She has worked for major LSPs and RSI providers and currently holds the position of Head of Training and Engagement at Interprefy, one of the leading RSI platforms.

Ernest Nino-Murcia headshot

Ernest Niño-Murcia
Comparing and contrasting court interpreting across the pond!

Ernest Niño-Murcia is a freelance English/Spanish court and conference interpreter based in Des Moines, Iowa, USA. He is state and federally certified for work in court, ATA-certified for Spanish-to-English translation, and is a member of the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC).

In 2020, he co-founded T.E.A. Language Solutions to provide remote interpreting training, consulting and live technical support to both interpreters and meeting hosts. As a speaker and trainer, he has presented live and online sessions through organizations including the National Center for State Courts, the University of Arizona´s National Center for Interpretation and the U.S. Department of Justice, among others.


Nina Okagbue
Panel on Coopetition

Nina Okagbue has been working as a conference interpreter in Europe and Africa since 1978, after obtaining a bilingual master’s degree in Conference Interpretation (English/French) from the Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris, France. She has also had a career over two decades in multilateral development banking as a poverty reduction and social development expert at the African Development Bank, Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. Recruited from 2016-2019 by the United Nations Office at Nairobi as the Coordinator of the Pan African Masters Consortium in Interpretation and Translation (PAMCIT), she continues to pursue an active training and research career, from part-time lecturer at the two-year MA in Interpretation programme offered by the University of Ghana at Legon, on to founding member of the African Interpretation Academy for online professional development for active interpreters, and training of trainers.

MP blue

Matthew Perret
Trust is a Must

Matthew is a conference interpreter working mainly for the EU institutions, a trainer specialising in English "B" enhancement, and a writer/ performer of theatre and comedy.


Julia Poger headshot

Julia Poger
Showing up at your best on Social Media

I started marketing and negotiating at a young age, because who would turn down a cute 12-year-old asking you to buy an ad in a newspaper?

My career then continued with 📖, 👠, and – after my Master’s Degree – interpreting services.

All that knowledge and experience went into building and retaining a wide-ranging client base in markets on both sides of the Atlantic.

I have worked at Summits, as well as with subject matter experts hammering out the details to implement treaties signed at those Summits.

I’ve helped negotiate business deals, draft legislation, argue arbitration cases, build nuclear power plants, and gone on fact-finding missions.

For 30+ years I have focused on transmitting other people’s messages, and now I want to bring all that experience to bear on YOUR business, and make a difference in YOUR communications.

Do you understand why you can’t convince your ideal client that you are their best solution – and why that’s the absolutely wrong question to ask?

I can help you SHOW your ideal client that they would gain more from hiring you than anyone else.

Contact me on to see how I can help!

Alvaro Headshot

Alvaro Ramirez
The Interpreter’s Voice VS. Cognitive Overload

Alvaro Ramirez is an operatic bass, voice teacher and vocal coach. Born in Mexico City, he has over 30 years of experience in the performing arts. He is currently the Artistic Director of Concert Opera Of Greater Chicago, which he founded in 2018. The company is entirely devoted to nurturing, developing and promoting outstanding classical vocalists. Since 2020, his work as a vocal coach and teacher has broadened into closer collaborations with a greater diversity of vocal athletes: interpreters, voice over artists, actors and public speakers. The American Association of Language Specialists (TAALS) has invited him to give numerous conferences on a variety of vocal topics which include: cognitive overload, finding real support for the voice, general vocal health, lyric and theatrical diction vs. every day speech, the interpreter in the booth.


Susana Rodriguez

Susana is a freelance conference interpreter based in Madrid and an independent language technology researcher. She holds a Master's degree in CI and a degree in Entrepreneurial Excellence from UCLA. She is an Expert in R&D Project Management from the Technical University of Madrid UPM and an ISO Expert in Translation, Interpreting and Related Technologies. Susana is also Activity Leader at SmarTerp and has co-founded two companies.

Profilfoto Bettina_mit Filter

Bettina Roehricht
Overcoming impostor syndrome

A hosted discussion about struggles and imperfections

I'm a freelance translator and coach based in England. Originally from North Germany, I translate from English and Portuguese into German, specialising in politics and the environment.

Having worked as a freelance translator for over 22 years, I'm very familiar with all the stress and responsibilities that come with the territory. In addition to my career in translation, I started working as a coach over 10 years ago to help other translators deal with work-life balance and self-care issues, overcome internal barriers and be happier, more successful, freelancers.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading, dancing, singing, and chilling with my cats. I'm also passionate about plant-based food, conservation and generally saving the planet.

TerpSummit Tomlinson

Jesse Tomlinson
Fee Structure Strategies

Panel on Coopetition

Hi! I'm Jesse. I'm a list of thing I have decided to label Consultant Interpreter. My areas of expertise and focus are North American relations, Mexican arts and culture, tequila, and pork production.

ZHAO Wei square shot

Zhao Wei
Friendly to the present moment: experience and re-experience mindfulness

With a background in German philosophy and ongoing PhD research in the history of diplomatic interpreting, I have worked more than a decade with Chinese, German and English as an interpreter and published several book translations.
I'm currently an apprentice teacher at the internationally renowned Oxford Mindfulness Foundation, after having completed the 12-month teacher training program.