Meet Your Host


I'm a freelance conference interpreter (EL, DE, F<>EN), member of AIIC, interpreter trainer and 1-1 coach.

Most of my interpreting work is for the EU institutions, and I spend the rest of my time coaching colleagues and running a membership site for English retourists (Rock your Retour). I also offer webinars and ecourses.

I'm the creator of Speechpool, a site hosting practice materials for interpreting students, and I blog on my Interpreting Coach site.

I woke up one morning with the crazy idea of creating a summit for interpreters, and I'm really excited about it! I hope you enjoy the results.

Meet Sophie's Assistant

Roxane Hugues headshotRoxane will be assisting throughout the summit. She will be present at many of the presentations, giving technical assistance and fielding questions in the chat box. To find her, click on 'People' then search for her name. Click on her name to open a private chat thread.

Roxane is a professional Interpreter and Translator, whose main areas of specialisation are Oenology, Foreign Affairs and the tourist industry.

Meet Your Speakers

Andrea Alvisi headshot

Andrea Alvisi
Adding a New 'C' Language

Brussels-based Italian Conference Interpreter and Translator specialising in corporate, business, marketing and legal, and working with English (B), French (C), Russian (C) and Bulgarian (C).

Former Interpreting Trainer at the University of Leeds. Voiceover actor. Staunch supporter of peer-to-peer interpreting practice groups and founder of the #LeedsENIT practice week.

Avid reader, proficient baker and strong supporter of knowledge sharing.

Grupo Amerivox image

Grupo AmeriVox
Deliberate practice

We are a group of interpreters of the Americas who believe in creating a space where colleagues can practice their interpreting skills from the four languages of the continent.

AmeriVox es un grupo de práctica de interpretación abierto a colegas que trabajen con francés, español, portugués e inglés como lenguas A, B o C .

Uma sessão por mês com discursos ao vivo e tempo extra para feedback de pequenos grupos e geral.

L'équipe d'organisation comprend des interprètes du Brésil, du Pérou, des États-Unis et du Canada.

AmeriVox es un grupo de práctica deliberada para intérpretes de conferencia que busca replicar una reunión multilingüe virtual real. Nos reunimos cada cuarto sábado del mes. Cada mes una temática diferente. Duración: 3.5 hours.

Kirsty Bilton headshot

Kirsty Bilton
Confidence and self-care for working from home

Mind Matters for Education is a Yorkshire based company who combine the use of drama with current mental health knowledge to enable children and young people to explore, learn and understand mental health and well-being through interactive workshops.

Gabriela Bocanete headshot

Gabriela Bocanete
What's with the Brain Fog? Causes and solutions

Interpreter trainer and expert in Stress Management, Gabriela uses a holistic approach to improve health and achieve sustainable Calm & Vitality in challenging times. Informed also by Nutritional Therapy & Food as Medicine, Hatha Yoga, Meditation and Sound Therapy she helps clients achieve gentle resilience states and the much needed healing in mental, emotional & physical issues. Her BrainSpa 🧠 sessions provide an oasis of deep rest & regeneration. Her online programme Calm, Vitality, Resilience Fundamentals generates increased embodied connections, plenty of coping strategies and healthy habits for life.

Martina Bonadona headshot

Martine Bonadona
How to be a greener interpreter

Paris-based conference interpreter since 1994. French A, English B, Portuguese C.
Founding member of the Calliope network, the only global network of individual consultant interpreters (25 in 2020, all members of the International Association of Conference Interpreters - AIIC).

Naomi Bowman headshot

Naomi Bowman
A World of Bad Sound: What you can do to protect your hearing

Naomi has worked in the conference interpreting industry for more than 30 years, with a 25 year focus on remote interpreting. She is CEO of DS-Interpretation, Inc., a technology focused conference interpreting company founded in 1972.

She is a popular public speaker on RSI , helping interpreters transition to a virtual world, and the effects of technology on the language industry. She is committed to raising the global standards of conference interpreting.

She has an M.A. International Relations (U.K.), has lived in 5 different countries and currently resides in Belgium – and considers herself as a global citizen.

Joe Burbidge headshot

Joe Burbidge
Deliberate practice

After graduating from La Laguna in 2011, Jose Sentamans and Joe noticed that many colleagues were in a similar position to themselves: keen to improve their interpreting skills but having completed an MA, unsure of where to find professional development opportunities.

Jose and Joe realised the huge value in receiving feedback from colleagues with complementary language combinations. Since 2013, two or three weeks of WISE workshops have been held each summer, including in summer 2020, when the first WISE online workshops were held.

Participants in WISE take part in an intense week of sessions, all held together by an intricately planned timetable, wearing three hats: speechgiver, feedback giver and interpreter. Joe is an interpreter based in Rome and Jose is an interpreter based in Valencia.

Claude Durand

Claude Durand
Lifelong learning for interpreters

Retired staff interpreter (French A, German B, English + Spanish C) after a 39 year long career at the European Commission.

Senior trainer within the in-house interpreter training scheme from 1978 until 1997. Developed the first SCIC Training for trainers seminar.

Head of various units within SCIC: Further Training for staff interpreters, Multilingualism and cooperation with universities in EU member States and in candidate countries, International Cooperation with third countries.
Member of AIIC since 1978. Chairman of the Permanent Staff Committee (CdP) between 1999 and 2005 and coordinator of the AIIC project 'la relève' (the next generation).

Rebecca Durham headshot

Rebecca Durham
Confidence and self-care for working from home

After working in the Education sector for twenty years teaching Drama, I became a professional actor and theatre maker. My work is varied from working with corporate companies using theatre/ drama to present ideas in a more imaginative ways, touring productions, performing in murder mysteries, writing scripts, devising new work to working with young children to connect creatively.

My work has taken a more digital approach over the last year and like most people I am learning to quickly adapt to the current times. I use my experience, knowledge and dramatic ability to help people develop confidence and self belief in adapting to a new way of working.

Martina Eco headshot

Martina Eco
How to stand out from the crowd: personal branding for freelance linguists

Martina is a coffee-fuelled, pizza-loving Italian translator based in Hove, UK. She’s the owner and director of 3P Translation, a company that helps English-speaking SMEs in the food, travel, tourism and hospitality industries grow internationally by providing bespoke linguistic services.

Martina also works as a business and marketing consultant at LSBU and as a visiting lecturer at London Metropolitan University, and she supports other freelance linguists by giving workshops and talks on marketing and business skills around Europe and online.

When she’s not working, you will find her headbanging at a rock gig, or browsing through CDs and vinyls in a charity shop.

Maha El-Metwally

Maha El-Metwally
Your RSI Tech Setup to A Tee!

Maha El-Metwally is a conference interpreter in the Arabic booth. She works for a wide range of international organisations, including the European Institutions and the United Nations.

She is a member of AIIC, ATA and CIoL. She is also a Board member and member of the Admissions Committee of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI) where she was recently made fellow.

​Maha has an MA in interpreter training from the University of Geneva. She is associated with a number of universities both in the UK and abroad where she contributes to the curriculum. She is passionate about technology in the field of interpreting and offers courses on the subject internationally both in person and remotely.

Andy Gilllies headshot

Andy Gillies
Continued Professional Development for conference interpreters: what, why and how?

Andy Gillies is a freelance conference interpreter (FR DE PL - EN) and interpreter trainer.

He has given further training courses (CPD) for the European Parliament, the European Court of Justice, AIIC and the ATA. He also teaches at ISIT in Paris and Glendon MCI in Canada and has been a visiting trainer at schools in Poland, Germany and Portugal. Andy was coordinator of AIIC’s training activities from 2010-2020.

Andy has written three books for students of conference interpreting and has translated Rozan’s classic “La prise de notes...” into English. He is also the curator of the Interpreter Training Resources website

Josh Goldsmith square small

Josh Goldsmith
How to use technology to prepare for meetings

Josh is a UN and EU accredited translator and interpreter working from Spanish, French, Italian and Catalan into English. He splits his time between interpreting, translating, and working as a trainer and researcher focusing on the intersection between interpreting, technology and education.

As Co-Founder and Chief Educational Officer of techforword, Josh shares tips about technology, translation and interpreting in conferences and workshops, academic articles, and on Twitter.

Ailsa Gudgeon square headshot

Ailsa Gudgeon
Voice and relaxation

With over 20 years experience of working with professional and trainee interpreters, Ailsa Gudgeon has developed a highly effective approach to coaching the interpreter's voice. Starting with the University of Westminster's MA Conference interpreting course, her educational work extended to visiting contracts in Leeds, Paris, Tenerife and Budapest.

Her work with professional interpreters includes a year-long series of workshops with the European Parliament, together with ad hoc workshops with the European Court of Justice and AIIC members.

Her work reflects a deep understanding of the vocal challenges of interpreting, and this insight distils into a programme of simple but effective exercises to build vocal health, stamina, dynamic range, fluency and connection to material and audience.

20201102_233014 - 2 (4)

Chris Guichot de Fortis
Stress management for interpreters
Interpreting literature and quotations
Top tips for adding a 'B' language

Chris Guichot de Fortis, (A-EN, B-FR, C-ES) M.A. (Cantab); PDLS; BACI; M.A. Conf Int (University of Bath); AIIC, graduate of St. John’s College, Cambridge, served 10 years in the British police.

He has been a NATO staff interpreter since 1988. Now a NATO Senior Interpreter. For ten years he ran the NATO recruitment tests and practice programme for students of interpretation. Has organised volunteer interpreting teams for several NGOs.

He has been a visiting professor and external examiner at ISTI and ILMH in Brussels, and has also taught and examined at ISIT Paris, ITIRI Strasbourg, EII Mons, KUL Brussels, the Universities of Bath, Manchester and Angers. Chris was an assessor at the Geneva International Model UN from 2014 to 2019, and chairs the Belgian AIIC Network of Trainers (BANT).

Alexandra Hemingway headshot

Alexandra Hemingway
Finding your niche(s)

With over twenty years of experience as a careers professional in a variety of settings, I enjoy supporting clients to explore options and realise their aims. It's often harder to make positive career plans than most of us expect but we can ways to break or work around barriers. My current research interest is in what factors influence individuals' self-perceived employability - the extent to which they believe they can be successful in their career.

Cat headshot

Catriona Howard
Too much to do, not enough time?

Catriona is an EU-accredited conference interpreter and member of AIIC. She has been involved in interpreter training since 2008, having taught at the Universities of Leeds and Manchester in the UK, and on short courses for the European Parliament and the European Commission.

Jenner.Judy square small

Judy Jenner
Creating interpreting services price quotes for the new normal

Judy is a federally certified Spanish court interpreter, Spanish and German conference interpreter, and adjunct professor of interpretation at the University of California, San Diego, and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

She serves as a spokesperson of the American Translators Association and is the co-owner of Twin Translations, located in Las Vegas, NV and Vienna, Austria. With her twin sister Dagmar she's the co-author of "The Entrepreneurial Linguist: The Business-School Approach to Freelance Translation."

She's a frequent keynote speaker at conferences around the world. Judy was born in Austria and grew up in Mexico City. Her claim to fame is having interpreted Joe Biden in January 2020.

Maria image

Maria Karakostanoglou
MOVE! to interpret better

Former SCIC interpreter, I discovered both kinesiology and body psychotherapy 20 and 8 years ago respectively as a client and fell in love with the body. The way it influences how our brains interpret the messages they receive and how it allows or hinders us from reaching our greater potential.

I love being in the service of the people I work with and seeing their potential unfold as they claim more of their beauty and power in their personal and professional lives.

Ruth Kearns

Ruth Kearns Wollmann
Discover & Develop your Purpose Workshop

Ruth is an ICF-accredited Coach with a 25-year career as a Cognitive Psychologist, Business Executive and Organizational Leader in corporate and non-profit organizations. She partners with companies and individuals to develop leaders to their highest potential.

"A few years into my 14-year career at Procter & Gamble, I realised that the determining factor in my success was not going to be my knowledge, insight or strategic thinking skills, but my ability to lead myself and others. This took me on an exciting journey to develop leadership potential in every organisation I have worked in. Along the way I discovered and developed my purpose: To inspire, champion and challenge people to show up more fully, stand up for what matters, and step up to make the biggest difference they can."


Rachel Luxon Robinson
Pilates for wellbeing
Free your voice

Following a successful career as an Opera Singer, Rachel has been teaching Pilates for the past five years having trained with Body Control Pilates, renowned for its excellence in teacher training.

She is passionate about good functional movement and helping people to find ease, comfort, strength and flexibility within their own bodies.

Rachel has practiced Pilates herself for the past 18 years and has a great belief in the connection between mental and physical wellbeing. She understands how important body awareness, control, breathing and posture is in all walks of life.

Jackie Lynch headshot

Jackie Lynch
How To Boost Your Energy & Stop Feeling Tired All The Time - A WellWellWell Nutrition Workshop.

Jackie Lynch is a Registered Nutritional Therapist and founder of the WellWellWell nutrition clinic in Notting Hill, London, where she specialises in women’s health and the menopause. Keen to break the taboo about discussing the menopause, she launched the popular diet & lifestyle podcast The Happy Menopause in 2019 and her new book, 'The Happy Menopause: Smart Nutrition to Help You Flourish' has just been released.

She is also the author of 'Va Va Voom: The 10-Day Energy Diet' and 'The Right Bite: Smart Food Choices for Eating on the Go'. Jackie is a regular contributor of nutrition features for a range of print and online media and features as a guest expert on TV and radio programmes. Follow her on social media at @WellWellWellUK.

Federica Mamini
Deliberate practice: a panel discussion

AIIC Conference Interpreter based in Brussels, IT A, EN B, FR/DE/ES C.

Federica founded IBPG- Interpreters in Brussels Practice Group which is a Brussels-based community for professional interpreters and recent graduates aimed at honing both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting techniques through group practice and mutual feedback.

She now manages the group with Arnaud Pretre (EU ACI), Isha Dalaya (EU ACI), Marie-Anne Tirard (EU staffer), Rémi Hoefsloot (EU staffer) and Paula Perez Campos (Private Market).

Due to the current pandemic, IBPG regularly organises online sessions open to conference interpreters from all over world.

Barry Olsen headshot

Barry Slaughter Olsen
Remote Interpreting Tech: The Basics of Setting Up a Remote Interpreting Studio

Barry Slaughter Olsen is a veteran conference interpreter and technophile with over twenty-five years of experience interpreting, training interpreters and organizing language services.

He is a professor at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey (MIIS) and the Vice-President of Client Success at KUDO, a multilingual web conferencing platform.

He was co-president of InterpretAmerica from 2009 to 2020. He is a member of the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC). Barry has been interviewed frequently by international media (CNN,CBC, MSNBC, NPR and PBS) about interpreting and translation. For updates on interpreting, technology and training, follow him on Twitter @ProfessorOlsen.

MP closeup (3)

Matthew Perret
The Skills of an Actor in Interpreting

Matthew Perret is an Oxford-trained linguist, conference interpreter at the EU institutions, and trainer specialising in English "B". He is also a writer-performer of comedy.

Julia Poger headshot

Julia Poger
Know your Worth (Taster)

Julia Poger, M.A.C.I. (MIIS); ATA; AIIC, started marketing and negotiating at a young age, because who would turn down a cute 12-year-old asking you to buy an ad in a newspaper? She then continued with books, shoes (hence her Imelda Marcos-like tendencies) and – once she received her Master’s Degree – interpreting services.

She took all that knowledge and built (and what’s even harder – retained!) a wide-ranging client base in markets on both sides of the Atlantic. She has worked at presidential and cabinet levels in two US and one French administration, at ministerial and presidential levels for international organizations, as well as for CEOs from various Fortune 500 Companies.

Madalena Zampaulo headshot

Madalena Sánchez Zampaulo
Online Presence Basics: How and Where to Show Up for Your Ideal Clients

Madalena Sánchez Zampaulo is a freelance Spanish and certified Portuguese to English translator, owner of Accessible Translation Solutions (ATS), a boutique translation company based in Southern California, and an online presence coach for T&I professionals.

With over 10 years of experience in the language professions, Madalena shares her knowledge and years of research to help freelance translators and interpreters improve their online presence—from their websites and LinkedIn profiles to copywriting and SEO—by refining their professional profiles to attract their ideal clients while collectively elevating and promoting our professions. Madalena also currently serves as President-Elect and Chair of the Governance and Communications Committee of the American Translators Association (ATA).

Raquel small square

Raquel Schaitza
Improving my interpreting in writing? The power of transcriptions

Raquel Schaitza is a PT / EN conference interpreter based in Curitiba, Brazil. She has offered training courses to both novices and experienced interpreters in Brazil and abroad since 2013.

She completed the Master of Advanced Studies in Interpreter Training at the University of Geneva and her main interest is feedback with special focus on self-assessment for continuous improvement.

jose sentamans headshot

Jose Sentamans Pla
Deliberate Practice

Jose Sentamans (EMCI La Laguna) (EN-DE-IT > ES/CAT) is a consultant interpreter in the Spanish private market. Since 2013 he coordinates with Joe Burbidge the WISE Interpreting Workshops, which are held every summer in Valencia and Brussels. Together with Alessandra Vita, he also coordinates Freelance Interpreters United Spain.


Claire small square

Claire McGillycuddy Smith
Yoga for Back Care (recorded class - speaker not present)

With over 20 years experience as a clinician, I have passion for the holistic approach to health and well-being. Working in both the NHS and private sector to support a variety of patients with musculoskeletal conditions. I have a specialist interest in Yoga for Back care and Spinal health.
My mission is to empower my people to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Annie Xystouris headshot

Annie Xystouris
Your lifestyle and how it can affect your interpreting performance

Annie is a certified health coach helping professionals gain more energy, vitality and a general sense of well-being by improving their lifestyle. More specifically, she supports them in making changes in the areas of sleep and relaxation, exercise and movement, nutrition, stress and relationships.

A trained interpreter herself, she knows the demands and challenges of life in the booth. She originally comes from Cyprus and currently lives in Berlin.