Meet Your Host


I'm Sophie Llewellyn Smith, a freelance conference interpreter (EL, DE, F<>EN), member of AIIC, interpreter trainer and 1-1 coach.

Most of my interpreting work is for the EU institutions, and I spend the rest of my time coaching colleagues and running a membership site for English retourists (Rock your Retour). I also offer webinars and ecourses.

I'm the creator of Speechpool, a site hosting practice materials for interpreting students, and I blog on my Interpreting Coach site.

I woke up one morning last year with the crazy idea of creating a summit for interpreters, and I'm really excited about this second edition! I hope you enjoy the results.

Meet Sophie's Assistant

Roxane Hugues headshotRoxane will be assisting throughout the summit. She will be present at many of the presentations, giving technical assistance and fielding questions in the chat box. To find her, click on 'People' then search for her name. Click on her name to open a private chat thread.

Roxane is a professional interpreter and translator, whose main areas of specialisation are oenology, foreign affairs and the tourist industry.

Meet Your Speakers

Andrea Alvisi headshot

Andrea Alvisi
Panel discussion: Starting out in interpreting

Brussels-based freelance conference interpreter (Italian A, English B, French/Russian/Bulgarian C) and translator. Conference interpreting trainer and former programme coordinator at the University of Leeds (UK).

Avid reader, with a keen interest in geopolitics and diplomacy. Foodie and lover of all things chocolate.

Gabriela Bocanete headshot

Gabriela Bocanete
The Confident Brain

Gabriela uses a holistic, multi-disciplinary approach in her coaching for health & wellbeing. Her programmes help you become more aware of your body's needs, for better self-regulation. Her guided meditations combined with sound therapy have been creating calm, vitality and gentle resilience in this digital age.

Sabine Bourgeois

Sabine Bourgeois
Embrace digitisation without losing sight of some absolute fundamentals of our profession, with cAPPisco

I am a passionate freelance conference interpreter and an enthusiastic interpreting teacher.

Like all conference interpreters, I have experienced the unprecedented digitisation of our profession in 2020. To be honest, I had mixed feelings about it, because after all, 'real life' meetings with colleagues and clients are our core business.

Nevertheless, something in me (it must have been a virus) made me 'embrace' digitisation and, under the motto 'Never waste a good crisis', I developed cAPPisco, a video-based interpreting platform (VIP) and a user-friendly listening app.

Why? I thought it was important to create a virtual interpreting environment that comes as close as it gets to the experience and working comfort in a real booth, so that interpreters are also able to 'telework' in optimal conditions, as a perfectly attuned team. It was about time for a VIP-formula ;-).

The RSI platform I have developed is one that intuitively helps interpreters to embrace the irreversible digitisation of our profession without losing sight of some of its important fundamentals.

cAPPisco is best compared to a virtual interpreting 'hub'; the platform consists of both a lounge and as many booths as you like, where interpreters can hear, see and speak to each other without disturbing the meeting participants.

It is indeed a 'side-by-side' application, which allows interpreters to bring their own booths (BYOB) and to be discreetly yet genuinely present in their client's meeting. In the booths, it allows for an intuitive handover as well as quick relay-floor switching for interpreters who like to work with just one device and one headset.

Naomi Bowman headshot

Naomi Bowman
An informal discussion about bad sound and self-care

Naomi Bowman is CEO of DS-Interpretation, Inc., a US-based Company that provides professional language services for remote, hybrid & on-site events around the globe, and is celebrating its 50th Anniversary in 2022. The Company has provided remote and hybrid services since the early 1990s. Naomi has worked with professional conference interpreters for over 30 years and is a popular public speaker on Remote Interpreting, audio & sound for interpreting, and how technology affects the language industry. She is committed to raising standards for professional interpreters and represents the USA to ISO as a technical expert on Conference and Remote Interpreting and is a Project Editor for the Working Group for ISO DIS 24019, Simultaneous Interpreting Delivery Platforms. Naomi has an M.A. in International Relations (U.K.) and currently resides in Belgium, having lived in 5 countries.


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Helen Campbell
Consecutive refreshers for professional interpreters

Current position: Director, National Network for Interpreting UK

From 1973-2011 Helen was a staff interpreter in the Directorate-General for Interpretation, (European Commission), interpreter trainer and jury member for EU interinstitutional tests and competitions. In 2006 she established and co-chaired the Universities Contact Group, IAMLADP (UN International Annual Meeting on Language Arrangements, Documentation and Publications).

Since 2012 she has been an examiner/instructor on the MCI (Masters in Conference Interpreting) for Glendon College, York University, Toronto. She has run training workshops for many universities, AIIC and for organisations such as the Special Tribunal for Lebanon and the ICT.

She is Honorary Fellow, CIOL (Chartered Institute of Linguists), and Honorary member, ITIA (Irish Translators’ and Interpreters’ Association).

Serge Dalli

Serge Dalli
Panel discussion: starting out in interpreting

Serge Dalli is a trained conference interpreter offering excellent language solutions to local, regional and global organizations in three major official languages of the African continent: French (A), English (B) and Portuguese (C).

Moreover, Serge moderates high-quality trainings for future and practicing conference interpreters in Africa and beyond.

Kate Davies

Kate Davies
Sim with Text: Tumble, tussle or tame? Making Friends, not Foes

Former UN and EU official and freelancer. Graduate of ESIT (DESS, Conference Interpreting) and ETI (MAS, Interpreter Training). Global experience in pedagogical support. Loves sharing knowledge and helping others to tackle challenges.

Pavel Elin

Pavel Elin
Time to write: email marketing for interpreters

My career path in the field of translations and language services started in 2007 when I made my first steps as a freelance translator. In 2010, I launched my first business. In 2011, I moved to Portugal to become co-owner and CEO at Freelanguage LDA, a language service provider located in Lisbon.

In 2019, I started my LinkedIn blog with posts and publications that I consider useful and informative for independent language professionals. A year ago, in September 2020, I completed my work on the book “Effective Email Marketing for Freelance Linguists”. Today, in addition to the book I offer 4 consulting services for freelancers. All of them are available on LinkedIn.

I believe that my freelance experience allows me to understand linguists’ goals, challenges, and restraints in a better way. On the other hand, as a CEO of a language service provider that has been operating since 2011, I can share insights from the point of view of the regular customer of translations and language services.

Judith Farwick

Judith S. Farwick
Speed up your Notes! - visual concepts and practical tips to (re)gain trust in your note-taking skills

Judith S. Farwick has been working as a conference interpreter for nearly 30 years. She is also a freelance coach and trainer for young people aspiring to become interpreters, and an author. Her current research focuses on visual language and its use to improve communication skills.

She published her first book, "Zwischen den Zeichen" (English version: "Between the Signs"), a teacher's and self-study guide on note-taking for beginners, in 2015.

Giuditta Formichi

Giuditta Formichi
VEGA Network and VEGA Mentoring Scheme

I'm a qualified conference interpreter, based in Brussels. During my academic studies, I have traveled around Europe (UK, Belgium, Croatia, Italy) to improve my skills and better understand languages and their cultures. I am also a foodie, very fond of oats, and a nature-lover.

Francesca Frittella

Francesca Maria Frittella
SmarTerp: Bringing humans and machines together for smarter interpreting

Francesca is an ITA-ENG-DEU-ZHO conference interpreter.

She is responsible for user research and training within the Innovation Activity SmarTerp (
She developed Interpremy, an eLearning platform through which she designs interactive training modules and delivers research-based workshops for interpreters associations, universities and further institutions.

Her PhD research at Shangai International Studies University focuses on the integration of Instructional Design and evaluation into conference interpreter training with CAI tool training as a case study.

Rony Gao

Rony Gao
Panel discussion: starting out in interpreting

Freelance conference interpreter based in Toronto and accredited by the Government of Canada.

Test-prep coach, communications consultant, ATA-certified translator, admin of Toronto Interpreters Practice (TIP).
Graduate of Glendon MCI and MIIS (Monterey).

Toon Gevaert headshot

Toon Gevaert
How to tackle sim with text on QuaQua

I'm Toon, interpretation manager at QuaQua. I'm a freelance interpreter based in Belgium. I have helped develop QuaQua into a uniquely interpreter-centred platform, loved by interpreters all over the world.

Andy Gillies

Andy Gillies
Meeting preparation with the Liquid Text software (Demo & running commentary)

Andy Gillies is a freelance conference interpreter (FR DE PL - EN) and interpreter trainer.
He teaches student interpreters at ISIT in Paris and Glendon MCI in Toronto and has been a visiting trainer at schools in Poland, Germany and Portugal. Andy also gives further training courses (CPD) including for the European Parliament, the European Court of Justice, AIIC, ATA and JACI.

Andy has written three books for students of conference interpreting and has translated Rozan’s classic “La prise de notes...” into English. He is also the curator of the Interpreters CPD Resources website and the Interpreter Training Resources website

Josh Goldsmith headshot

Josh Goldsmith
How to use a tablet for consecutive note-taking

Josh is a UN and EU accredited translator and interpreter working from Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and Catalan into English. He splits his time between interpreting, translating, and working as a trainer and researcher focusing on the intersection between interpreting, technology and education. As Founder and Chief Educational Officer of techforword, Josh shares tips about technology, translation and interpreting in conferences and workshops, the Innovation in Translation and Innovation in Interpreting Summits, and in techforword insiders, the premiere online community for tech-savvy language professionals.

Caroline Goyder headshot

Caroline Goyder
In conversation with Caroline Goyder - a Q&A for interpreters

Caroline Goyder has an international reputation for her work. Her TEDx on the 'Surprising Secret to Speaking with Confidence' has been viewed 9 million times and rising. You can watch this TEDX at Caroline's new book Find Your Voice unpacks and develops the secrets for speaking with confidence explored in this hit TEDX talk.

For free resources, interviews, and brand new video and audio training which share practical skills for confidence, gravitas and influence, plus Caroline's new digital course designed to up your impact in meetings you can visit

Caroline is a sought after expert speaker and trainer by senior management within high profile organisations as well as private individuals. Caroline worked for over a decade at the celebrated Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London as a voice coach. She has a degree in English Literature from St John's College, University of Oxford. Caroline speaks at Youtube, Facebook, Amazon, Harvard Business School Alumni, Henley Business School, School of Life and London Business Forum. She and her team provide coaching across the world so do get in touch. Clients have included news anchors and reporters, actors, CEOS of FTSE 100 and 250 companies, a monarch and TV magicians amongst others. Caroline is also the author of three bestselling books: Star Qualities, Gravitas and Find Your Voice.

Maise Greenwood

Maisie Greenwood
Panel discussion: starting out in interpreting

Maisie Greenwood is an experienced freelance conference interpreter working from French, Spanish and Arabic into English. As an AIIC member and UN & EU-accredited interpreter with six years of experience on the Geneva institutional market, she is currently domiciled in London. Through her company Greenwood Conference Interpreting Ltd, Maisie works as a consultant-interpreter, putting together teams of interpreters for international conferences (in-person since 2017, and via interpreting hubs since 2020).

Through her 10-year freelance career, Maisie has also worked in interpreter training, translation, report-writing, public speaking, and multilingual television production. Alongside this, she is a part-time professional musician, playing folk fiddle at concerts, ceilidhs and sessions.

Ailsa Gudgeon square headshot

Ailsa Gudgeon
Build confidence in your voice: how to care for and develop your instrument for stamina and performance.

Ailsa Gudgeon is a voice coach with extensive experience in professional theatre, actor training and corporate coaching. She trained to become a voice coach at the Central School of Speech and Drama 25 years ago after an initial career as a Secondary school English teacher. She has worked for the RSC, Glyndebourne Opera and in the West End and her college training includes LAMDA and Rose Bruford. She is the voice coach for Sandler Consulting, a London based prominent consultancy in leadership training, where she coaches business leaders in all aspects of business communication.

She trained interpreting students at the University of Westminster for many years and has introduced voice coaching to universities in Budapest, Paris and North Tenerife. She also delivered some intensive training for European Parliament staff interpreters. This included contributing to workshops for retour interpreting, media training (in association with ARTE) and she ran a series of monthly voice coaching workshops open to all EP staff interpreters.

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Chris Guichot de Fortis
Growth Mindset for Interpreters
Starting out as an interpreter
Simultaneous with text - degraded mode

Chris Guichot de Fortis, (A-EN, B-FR, C-ES) M.A. (Cantab); PDLS; BACI; M.A. Conf Int (University of Bath); AIIC, graduate of St. John’s College, Cambridge, served 10 years in the British police.

He was a NATO staff interpreter, then Senior Interpreter, between 1988 and 2021. For ten years he ran the NATO recruitment tests and practice programme for students of interpretation.

Chris now works as a freelance interpreter, and individually coaches an evolving group of several dozen younger colleagues who seek to ramp up and perfect their skills.

Has organised volunteer interpreting teams for several NGOs.  He has been a visiting professor and external examiner at ISTI and ILMH in Brussels, and has also taught and examined at ISIT Paris, ITIRI Strasbourg, EII Mons, KUL Brussels, the Universities of Bath, Manchester and Angers. Chris was an assessor at the Geneva International Model UN from 2014 to 2019, and chairs the Belgian AIIC Network of Trainers (BANT).

Michelle Hof

Michelle Hof
Thoughts on teaching consecutive note-taking online

Michelle Hof is a conference interpreter and trainer. She is active in training the next generation of interpreters on master’s programs in Toronto (Canada) and La Laguna (Spain), and has offered short courses and workshops for interpreting professionals on all five continents and online.

She is also a frequent contributor to panels on interpreting technology, having spoken at industry events in Berlin, Ottawa, Geneva, Brussels and elsewhere.

Michelle has recently taken up the position of Coordinator of AIIC Training and Professional Development and looks forward to continuing to promote training for interpreters in this new role.

Michelle speaks English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese. Originally from Canada, she now calls the beautiful island of Tenerife home.

Laura Holcomb

Laura Holcomb
Note-Taking for Clinical Healthcare Settings

Laura's interpreting career began in the halls of hospitals. Certified Healthcare and Medical Interpreter (CHI, CMI), Master in Conference Interpreting from Glendon College in Toronto. Laura is the co-founder of String & Can Multilingual Online where she interprets (EN-A, ES-B, PT-C), and provides tech planning and assistance for multilingual online events.

In 2017, she led and co-authored the first nationwide survey study on interpreting and translation in Mexico for the Italia Morayta Foundation.

On the training side, Laura divides her time between the co>lab peer practice intensive for conference interpreting professionals, Seven Sisters Interpreter Training, where she facilitates practice-based training for healthcare, educational and conference interpreters "who take it personally" (like she does!), and coordinating the yearly healthcare interpreting practicum for the Glendon College MCI.


Judy Jenner
Networking for interpreters

Judy is a federally certified Spanish court interpreter, Spanish and German conference interpreter, and adjunct professor of interpretation at the University of California, San Diego, and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

She serves as a spokesperson of the American Translators Association and is the co-owner of Twin Translations, located in Las Vegas, NV and Vienna, Austria. With her twin sister Dagmar she's the co-author of "The Entrepreneurial Linguist: The Business-School Approach to Freelance Translation."

She's a frequent keynote speaker at conferences around the world. Judy was born in Austria and grew up in Mexico City. Her claim to fame is having interpreted Joe Biden in January 2020.

Maria image

Maria Karakostanoglou
MOVE! to interpret more confidently

Former SCIC interpreter, I discovered both kinesiology and body psychotherapy 20 and 8 years ago respectively as a client and fell in love with the body. The way it influences how our brains interpret the messages they receive and how it allows or hinders us from reaching our greater potential.

I love being in the service of the people I work with and seeing their potential unfold as they claim more of their beauty and power in their personal and professional lives.

Katty Kauffman

Katty Kauffman
Powering Your Performance through AI: Transcription Tools for the Booth

Katty Kauffman is a conference and legal interpreter. A member of AIIC, TAALS and NAJIT, she freelances for a wide range of private and public sector clients from her home bases in Washington, DC and Santiago, Chile.

An instructor at the MCI program at Glendon/York University in Toronto, Canada, she is a self-described IT geek.

Ruth Kearns Wollmann headshot

Ruth Kearns Wollmann
How to develop emotional agility

Ruth is a talented coach who believes in the power of human potential and leads with a strategic mind and a big heart. Graduating with an MA from Oxford and a PhD from Cambridge, she started her career as a research scientist in Cognitive Psychology and went on to spend 14 years as a consumer insights professional and business executive in P&G. She left P&G in 2012 to take a leadership and pastoral role in the Swiss church ICF during a period of significant organisational change before starting her Coaching Practice in 2017.

As a an ICF-accredited Leadership Development Coach and experienced trainer, Ruth partners with Companies and NGOs to deliver leadership development training, workshops, and executive coaching programs for established and emerging leaders. As a personal career and leadership coach she partners with individuals and groups of leaders, empowering them to create their own path to success, and step up to new challenges in work and life from a place of strength, authenticity, and purpose.

“My work is based on my passion for psychology and neuroscience, my experience of leading training for a large organisation in P&G and my coaching practice over the past 15 years. All my programs include teaching of evidence-based approaches, practice exercises and an opportunity to consolidate learning on the job via coaching. My signature program ""Lead from Your Core"" offers participants an opportunity to gain clarity and confidence in their leadership identity (core strengths, values and personality/style) and to practice turning this into leadership presence and impact.

My personal purpose is to empower and challenge people to take a stand for a better world wherever and whoever they are. I believe everyone has a unique potential for significance. Some people don’t believe it, others are afraid of it, most ignore it. The people who realize this AND do something about it are the ones who will leave a legacy for future generations. Imagine what’s possible when we each show up as our most empowered selves and step up for the sake of a greater cause! It takes courage, passion and determination to step back and ask yourself who you really are, what you really want, to let go of what holds you back and blaze your own trail. But it’s worth it. The most happy, fulfilled and impactful people I know have chosen to own who they are and define success on their own terms.”

Ruth began professional coach training in 2006 with the Coactive Training Institute (CTI), went on to be trained as an Internal Executive Coach within P&G in 2007 and has been coaching ever since. She is now a Certified Professional Co-active Coach with PCC accreditation from the International Coaching Federation. She is also an MBTI practitioner and a certified Coach, Speaker, Trainer with the John Maxwell Team. She offers group and 1on1 coaching, workshops, seminars and keynote speaking.

Ruth lives in French-Speaking Switzerland with her husband and daughter. She is British and Swiss and works in English and French.

Sue Leschen headshot

Sue Leschen
Let's work together to develop terms and conditions for Remote Interpreting

Lawyer - linguist and Director of niche market company "Avocate Legal and Business French Interpreting and Translation Services Ltd."

Sue sits on CIOL's Council and also on their Interpreting Division Steering Group as well as on the Professional Conduct Committee of NRCPD.

Sue supports the use of properly qualified, experienced, insured and security vetted interpreters.

Leo Hailong Liiu

Leo Hailong Liu
VEGA Network and VEGA Mentoring Programme

Leo is a conference interpreter based in Hong Kong, China. He works for both private clients and institutions, including investment banks, public companies, and international organisations.

A member of the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC) since 2017, he is the representative for the Asia-Pacific Region on the AIIC Advisory Board and has recently become the global coordinator of the AIIC VEGA Network.


Violette Liu
Panel discussion: starting out in interpreting

Graduated from the Master of Conference Interpreting and Translation Program at the University of Leeds, UK, in the year 2014, I began my career as a professional interpreter and translator in Beijing.

After three years working in two big corporates in the busy capital city, I took a leap of faith, moved to another metropolitan - Shanghai, and became a freelancer.

The freelancing world took me to work in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia (7 months) as an interpreter and translator, then officially launched a startup business in Shanghai as the co-founder of a Language Service Provider - InterSpect Language Solutions.

Having lived and worked in three countries other than my homeland for over 7 years, I have been so blessed with a mind-opening learning journey across cultures, which helped me immensely in my career development process.
Stay open-minded, stay humble and never stop learning, keep calm and interpret. 🙂

Sophie Llewellyn Smith headshot

Sophie Llewellyn Smith
Symbols for consecutive interpreting

Sophie Llewellyn Smith is a conference interpreter (EL, DE, FR<>EN), member of AIIC, interpreter trainer and coach.

Following stints as a SCIC staff member in Brussels and a freelance interpreter, she spends much of her time now on 1-1 coaching and running membership sites for English and French retourists.

She is the founder of Speechpool, a website hosting practice speeches for interpreters,, and TerpSummit.

Lauren Michaels headshot

Lauren Michaels
Panel discussion: starting out in interpreting

I am a freelance conference interpreter, English A, French B, in Montreal. Also worked in Quebec City for a few years and as a staffer for the federal Translation Bureau in Ottawa for 2 years. I am of Croatian/Polish heritage, a mother of 2 and a stalwart proponent of developing professionally while having fun!


Giulio Monaco

Giulio Monaco
New business opportunities for freelance interpreters

CEO and Co-Founder of Ablio, the leading provider of language interpretation tools and services.


Dora Murgu

Dora Murgu
Behind the RSI scenes

Romanian born and Spanish bred, Dora started her career as a conference interpreter. She soon transitioned into the backstage of interpretation after being involved in the creation and management of a pioneering training program for OPI which was later taught at universities across Spain.

She has worked for major LSPs and RSI providers and currently holds the position of Interpreter Engagement Manager at Interprefy, one of the leading RSI platforms.


Ernest Nino-Murcia headshot

Ernest Niño-Murcia
Note-Taking for Court Interpreting

Ernest Niño-Murcia is freelance English/Spanish interpreter based in Des Moines, Iowa, in the United States. He holds a certification from the Administrative Office of the United States Courts and is an active member of The American Association of Language Specialists (TAALS) as a conference interpreter.

He has interpreted for public figures such as U.S House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds.

In 2020, he co-founded T.E.A. Language Solutions to provide remote interpreting training, consulting and live technical support to interpreters and clients. As a speaker and trainer, he has presented live and online sessions through organizations including the National Center for State Courts, ATA, the University of Arizona´s National Center for Interpretation and the U.S. Department of Justice, among others.

Additionally, Ernest is a Jeopardy! Champion (2012), whose greatest achievement on the show was beating an attorney to the buzzer to answer "co-defendant" in the, "11 letter words," category.

Rowland Palairet

Rowland Palairet
Mark-Up Madness: Romance vs Slavic

I have been a staff interpreter at the UN since 2011, both in NYC and Geneva, serving all the big meetings like the Security Council, General Debate and Human Rights Council.

In late 2019, in a fit of lockdown-induced boredom, I started my own YouTube channel, The Interpretation Station, dispensing free-of-charge tutorials in a whole host of different language combinations.

Matthew Perret headshot

Matthew Perret
Matt Perret's Special Delivery

Matthew is a conference interpreter working mainly for the EU institutions, a trainer specialising in English "B" enhancement, and a writer/ performer of theatre and comedy.

Carmen Prieto Lopez headshot

Carmen Prieto Lopez
AIIC VEGA mentoring scheme, Belgian region

Carmen Prieto López is an EU-accredited Spanish interpreter and translator based in Brussels (EN B; FR, DE C).

A La Laguna graduate, she is an AIIC pre-candidate as well as a mentee of the VEGA Belgium programme.

When not in the booth, Carmen can be found tinkering with her sewing machine or diving head-first into a murder mystery.


Julia Poger headshot

Julia Poger
Branding Yourself on Social Media

I started marketing and negotiating at a young age, because who would turn down a cute 12-year-old asking you to buy an ad in a newspaper?

My career then continued with 📖, 👠, and – after my Master’s Degree – interpreting services.

All that knowledge and experience went into building and retaining a wide-ranging client base in markets on both sides of the Atlantic.

I have worked at Summits, as well as with subject matter experts hammering out the details to implement treaties signed at those Summits.

I’ve helped negotiate business deals, draft legislation, argue arbitration cases, build nuclear power plants, and gone on fact-finding missions.

For 30+ years I have focused on transmitting other people’s messages, and now I want to bring all that experience to bear on YOUR business, and make a difference in YOUR communications.

Do you understand why you can’t convince your ideal client that you are their best solution – and why that’s the absolutely wrong question to ask?

I can help you SHOW your ideal client that they would gain more from hiring you than anyone else.

Contact me on to see how I can help!

Carlos Pulido de la Vega

Carlos Pulido de la Vega
VEGA Network and VEGA Mentoring Programme

interpreter, trainer, AIIC member

Susana Rodriguez

Susana Rodriguez
SmarTerp: Bringing machines and humans together for a smarter interpreting

Susana Rodríguez M.A. is a freelance conference interpreter and independent researcher focusing on the development of language technology applied to conference interpreting. Susana has headed the Master’s Degree in Conference Interpreting of the University of Murcia UCAM and she is an ISO expert in the development of international standards for interpreting services and interpreting technology. She holds an Entrepreneurial Excellence for Strategic Growth degree by the UCLA Anderson School of Management and has co-founded three companies. She also holds an expert degree on Management and Promotion of International Research & Innovation Projects by the Technical University of Madrid UPM and has been the Activity Leader of the Innovation Activity SmarTerp ( co-funded by the EIT Digital, supported by the European Institute of Innovation & Technology, a body of the European Union.


Bettina Roehricht headshot

Bettina Roehricht
Overcoming self-doubt - how to deal with your inner critic

I'm a freelance translator and coach based in England. Originally from North Germany, I translate from English and Portuguese into German, specialising in politics and the environment.

Having worked as a freelance translator for over 21 years, I'm very familiar with all the stress and responsibilities that come with the territory. In addition to my career in translation, I started working as a coach about 10 years ago to help other translators deal with work-life balance and self-care issues, overcome internal barriers and be happier, more successful, freelancers.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading, dancing, singing, and chilling with my cats. I'm also passionate about plant-based food, conservation and generally saving the planet.

Madalena Zampaulo headshot

Madalena Sánchez Zampaulo
Help Your Local Clients Find You: Online Marketing Tools for Interpreters

Madalena Sánchez Zampaulo is a freelance Spanish and certified Portuguese to English translator, the owner of Accessible Translation Solutions (ATS), a boutique translation company based in Southern California, and an online presence coach for T&I professionals.

With more than a decade of experience in the language professions, Madalena shares her knowledge and years of research to help freelance translators and interpreters improve their online presence—from their websites and LinkedIn profiles to copywriting and SEO—by refining their professional profiles to attract their ideal clients while collectively elevating and promoting our professions.


Bernard Song headshot

Dr Bernard Song
The Metaverse and its Impact on the Future of Interpreting

Dr. Bernard Song is a conference interpreter, a computer scientist and founder of Green Terp Technologies, an interpreting technology provider striving to provide the most convenient and powerful interpreting tool digitally for interpreters of the future.



Sarah Tiemann
Imposter syndrome

Sarah Tiemann (M.A.) is the Freelance Interpreneur, Interpreter & Entrepreneur and The Interpreters’ Business Coach. Besides nine years of working as a successful freelance interpreter, she has built a global community of interpreters in the past two years. The community is shaped by positivity, non-competition and mutual support. Based in Berlin, Germany, Sarah started specialising in digital marketing combined with personal development three years ago and has since been invited as a speaker at various industry events. Her mission is to help freelance interpreters to see colleagues as colleagues and not competitors while finding clients online to create business with confidence and limitless success.

Jesse Tomlinson headshot

Jesse Tomlinson
Working with direct clients

With direct clients, interpreters can make a beeline to capture the essence of a speaker’s message: informing, engaging and building on the powerful connection between interpreter and listener.

Join me at TerpSummit to explore how to develop and nurture the exceptional relationships at the heart of working successfully with direct clients.


Maristella Vergara

Maristella Vergara Bacci di Capaci

I am a co-founder of the AIIC VEGA network for young interpreters and newcomers. I was also at the lead of the VEGA Mentoring Programme in Belgium and am currently Mentor to two Mentees, with special attention to ear and voice / image related issues.

David Violet headshot

David Violet
Note-Taking for Consecutive Interpreting

David Violet is a freelance AIIC conference interpreter and interpreter trainer living in San Francisco, California.

He was professor of interpretation at MIIS, Monterey, California, from 2006-08 and today is Chair and Advisory Board Representative for the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC) USA.

He was trained at Ecole Supérieure d’Interprètes et de Traducteurs (ESIT), Paris, under Danica Seleskovitch, Christopher Thiéry, Gérard Ilg, etc.

Since 1987, he has worked as conference interpreter for a broad range of clients, including private companies, the US Department of State, OAS, International Criminal Court (ICC), European Parliament and Court of Justice, NATO, OSCE, OECD, UNESCO, UPU, and Kosovo Prime Minister’s office, and United Nations peacekeeping in Rwanda, Angola and Kosovo.

Sena Vlajkovic

Sena Vlajkovic
Behind the RSI scenes

I have graduated with Spanish language and Hispanic literature from University of Belgrade. I have published 1 book translation and my Master's paper and I worked for some time as translator from English and Spanish. For the last 8 years I have been working as technical support.

Martina Vojnovic

Martina Vojnovic
Behind the RSI scenes

Born and raised in Serbia, Martina is Education Specialist with a background in Data Analytics and Natural Sciences.

Joined Interprefy June 2019, supported more than 1000 events, currently holding the position of Remote Support Team Trainer and Educator.