Meet Your Host


I'm Sophie Llewellyn Smith, a freelance conference interpreter (EL, DE, F<>EN), member of AIIC, interpreter trainer and 1-1 coach.

Most of my interpreting work is for the EU institutions, and I spend the rest of my time coaching colleagues and running a membership site for English retourists (Rock your Retour). I also offer webinars and ecourses.

I'm the creator of Speechpool, a site hosting practice materials for interpreting students, and I blog on my Interpreting Coach site.

I woke up one morning last year with the crazy idea of creating a summit for interpreters, and I'm really excited about this second edition! I hope you enjoy the results.

A word about the technical challenges of this summit

When I dreamt up TerpSummit in 2021, I wanted to replicate the feeling of an in-person event as far as possible. I looked at a lot of event platforms, and compared functionality, networking options...and budget! (There is only one of me, after all, and I paid for all the upfront costs out of my own pocket).

In the end, I decided to host the event on Hopin, which had powerful networking functions as well as the ability to hold multiple sessions at the same time.

For the 2022 edition, as well as a live event platform, I needed a way to offer interpretation.

The solution I've opted for has been made possible by the generosity of Dr Bernard Song, who has allowed us to use the GreenTerp platform, and by the time and expertise of Laura Holcomb of String & Can, who has co-ordinated a very large team of interpreters and a complex set-up. My thanks go to them, and to the many volunteer interpreters and techs who have worked hard in the run-up, rehearsed on multiple occasions, and sacrificed their own time to make the event more inclusive and give us all an opportunity to try the GreenTerp platform.


Meet Sophie's Assistants

Roxane Hugues headshotRoxane will be assisting throughout the summit. She will be present at many of the presentations, giving technical assistance and fielding questions in the chat box. To find her, click on 'People' then search for her name. Click on her name to open a private chat thread.

Roxane is a professional interpreter and translator, whose main areas of specialisation are oenology, foreign affairs and the tourist industry.

Camelia Oana
Camelia Oana is a professional conference interpreter and translator.
Passionate about communication, working in this field was only natural, as she went freelance in 2014 and has since lent her voice to lots of projects in various fields of expertise.

Silvana Vulcan

I have been a freelance conference interpreter and translator and an accredited interpreter for EU institutions for over 10 years. My working languages are English, French and Spanish with Romanian as my mother tongue. My favourite fields are regional development, world politics and culture.

Clara Campero

I am a freelance Conference Interpreter, Spanish A, English B, based in Buenos Aires, with over 10 years of professional experience. Throughout this time, I have worked alongside renowned colleagues and large companies & non-profits of LATAM, and I have specialized in technical interpreting, regularly covering a wide spectrum of assignments on engineering and medical sciences.

Meet Your Tech Team

Laura Holcomb

Laura Holcomb

String & Can is the modern, multilingual string in your childhood tin can phone. Our interpreting and tech services make online communication across languages seamless - and a joy.



Bernard Song headshot

Bernard Song



Aimee Benevides


Tamber Hilton


Ernest Niño-Murcia


Meet Your Interpreters

Chinese booth (Mandarin)

click on the links to find out more

Grace Song

Yang Xu

Zilin Cui

Yigang (Tiger) Zhang

Zoe Qian

Ivana Cheng

Jessie Liu

Dan Wang

Kun (Sandra) Yan

Panpan Wang

Wei Zhao

Rong Eisenberg

Arabic booth

Christian Antoine El Daher

Ebaa Alwash

Safia Harbi


French booth

Portuguese booth

Melissa Mann

Danilo Miranda

Daniele Fonseca

Sonia Amadeo

Daniel Pereira Maciel

Alexandra de Vries

Fernando Vitarelli

Pedro Bermuda

Adriana Nascimento

Beatrice Moreira Santos

Thereza Rae


Russian booth

Mariya Bykova

Marina Kizlyk

Aleksandr Bulgakov

Diana Voronina

Xenia Andriuta